We help companies develop and execute broad transformational and structural actions, enabling sustainable change and designing the right organizational structure. Every organization differs in pain points and priorities. For one organization, transformation may mean redefining its operating model, for another, it may be merging with a competitor, expanding internationally, implementing a global ERP system, or digitization.

The hardest problem can be knowing where to start and how to implement the required change. At WP Advisory, we help you establish a strategy and roadmap to realize the full value that the transformation can bring to the organization.

Whether transformation is needed as a result of a transaction or not, we can help your organization rethink, redesign, and move forward with fundamental changes to your business and operating models that can help you reduce expenses or embark on a new strategic direction to maximize value.

Designing, implementing, and following a comprehensive business transformation strategy can help your organization remain agile and responsive in a highly competitive environment.

Throughout a transformation, a focus on organizing for sustained performance with the right team, governance structure, operating model, and culture is vital to ensuring that a transformation is not short-lived but a long-term endeavor that delivers and sustains improved performance.

We apply an integrated approach from strategy through execution to enable you to envision, deliver, and realize value through your business transformation. We can deliver business model and operating model change to unlock value for your organization. Specific areas where we can help include:

  • Visioning – Articulating a clear view of why a transformation is required and how the business will look after the transformation is complete (current state vs. future state)
  • Revenue Growth – Identifying unprofitable areas and develop strategies that deliver sustainable, accelerated revenue growth
  • Operational Excellence – Establishing a lean enterprise
  • Service Optimization – Evaluating shared services, outsourcing, centers of excellence, process automation, and process reengineering
  • Capability Assessment – Evaluating the systems, processes, resources, and talent to achieve the transformation
  • Communications – Defining key audience, media channels, frequency, and messages tailored to different stakeholder groups and feedback channels
  • Governance – Ensuring that executive sponsorship is in place, creating sustainability to ensure that the transformation completes
  • Success Measurement – Defining the measurement framework that explicitly defines the step-change in value that will created, how and where it will come from, and how it will be measured
  • Change Management – Evaluating stakeholder management, alignment of rewards, and identification of barriers to success

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