A well-planned merger is based on a sound investment thesis. Too often, the results fall short of expectations in terms of bottom-line improvement, and sometimes erode value, due to insufficient merger integration planning and execution.

Our Merger Integration (MI) practice has deep experience in ensuring successful acquisition integrations. This includes assessing revenue and cost synergy potential, pre-close planning and analysis, and post-close integration support.

We offer the following services:

  • Integration Planning: Establishing a merger integration plan to achieve projected cost savings, synergies, and operational efficiencies that focuses on deal drivers.
  • Program Management: We provide full-time, dedicated managers responsible for oversight and coordination of the entire merger integration program, including oversight of all functional teams.
  • Synergy Capture and Validation: We validate the top down synergy assumptions identified during due diligence along with a bottom-up sizing by identifying specific cost synergies from elimination of overlapping functions, duplicate systems, economies of scale, and reconfirming revenue opportunities.
  • Operating Model Design: Determine how processes, people and systems will look on completion of the merger integration. The operating model dictates where and how the critical work gets done across the organization and serves as the link between the strategy and the detailed organization design.
  • Change Management and Communications: Ensure the desired outcome of the merger integration is clear, widely understood, and shared via clear and continuous communication when appropriate.

We bring the skills, experience, and breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to:

  • Manage the integration process to achieve the objectives that drove your transaction
  • Design the overall integration plan to ensure that it delivers the full potential of the combination including integration budget and resource model to estimate what the integration will cost and how long it will tie up key resources
  • Ensure that the merger or acquisition transaction is successful by preparing detailed, prioritized, short and long-term action plans for performance measures and goals, processes, systems, and organization design